Driving Alternative Energy Solutions and Keeping Our Energy Dollars Right Here at Home
As a wave of new electric-powered vehicles enters the market, you have an opportunity to lead your industry and your community in the charge to have a positive impact on our environment, our economy and our independence. Pair this with capturing new marketing opportunities and revenue streams utilizing your existing infrastructure, and you have a remarkable win-win opportunity for you and your customers.

Turning Green to Gold
As the first, and only, national distributor of multi-platform electric vehicle charging stations, Plug-In Vehicle Solutions provides you with the widest array of simple, cost-effective and green-technology solutions. What’s more, the diversity of our vehicle charging product lines allows us the flexibility to put together just the right technology solution to fit your unique needs, and budget.

You can offer your customers vehicle charging when and where it’s most convenient for them. All the while, providing a new profit center from where there was previously little or none.

Offering electric vehicle charging units in your community or facility will provide:
-    Direct revenue from your customers’ usage
-    Added profits from building customer satisfaction and loyalty
-    Recognition of your company or organization through sustainability leadership

Bridging the Gap Between Clean Energy and Our Nation’s Automobile Culture
When it comes to electric vehicles, the biggest concern for most consumers is the battery, and it’s need for frequent recharging. Electric power is readily available and clean alternative sources are growing rapidly, however easy access to “filling up” while at work, traveling, running errands, etc. is a critical component in the decision to own an electric-powered vehicle. The most coveted parking lots and spaces will be those that offer recharging service. As a retailer, corporate employer, municipality or recreational destination, your ability to accommodate this need will create competitive differentiation and increase your profitability.

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Plug In America. Plug-In Vehicle Tracker
Virtually every major auto manufacturer in the world, along with numerous smaller outfits, is developing a plug-in vehicle and Plug In America is tracking their progress.

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